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Hepa Dust Colletor, 1000 series

Hepa Dust Colletor, 1000 series

  • Model Number: 1050H

Pulse-Bac model PB-1050 is a single stage HEPA vacuum with a filter fractional efficiency rating of 99.97 @ .3 micron at a CFM flow rate up to 176 (CFM revision June 2016). The 1050 model comes standard with Pulse-Bac® Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology,  complying with the new 2016 OSHA Silica Standard that require a “filter cleaning mechanism”  when using a vacuum with materials that contain Silica. It also features our Cyclonic Debris Management System, a 20 gal. Powder Coated Steel Tank, 3 HEPA Filters and a 5 Caster steel dolly with non-marking casters.

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