Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Toro
  • Model Number: 23518

*30" width at speeds up to 7.5 mph
*Raise and lower tines with foot pedal
*Fuel capacity extends operating time
*Floating operator platform isolates the operator from vibrations for an exceptionally smooth ride

Rental Rates
  • 2 Hour
  • 4 Hour
  • Day

  • Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing
  • Model Number: TA-25D

Classen Split-Drive aerators with zero turn-like capacity reduce operator fatigue by allowing unit to turn and steer around obstacles with non-stop aeration. No lifting or raising tines out of the ground! Steering controls ensure straight line operation on hills with this full time self-propelled unit. Tire scrapes ensure consistent tine depth while bumper guards prevent wheels from catching on obstacles and slowing down the job

Rental Rates
  • 4 Hour
  • Day
  • Week