• 20" Polisher/ Burnisher

    Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line

    Burninshers give your floors the “wet look”, delivering a gloss finish on a variety of floors. 
    With its hi-speed rotation combined with hi-speed pads, and floor finishes a burnisher creates heat that burnishes a glossy finish on the floor. 
    Maintain your own floors with a burnisher. A positive first impression due to shiny clean floors help your customers make the decision to rent and shop in your store! 

    Rental Rates: Day: $40.00 Week: $120.00 Month: $320.00
  • 13" Polisher

    Manufacturer: Essex Silver Line Model: ESL13

    Applications Include:
    Screening floors after sanding with the SL-8 & SL-7

    Screen & recoating polyurethane floors

    Waxed floors scrubbing & polishingTile Maintenance

    Polish and scrubbing pads and available for purchase

    Rental Rates: Day: $25.00 Week: $75.00 Month: $200.00